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What to expect during a Clearing?

Each session is unique as a person’s energy or spirituality is unique. Just as a person who sees a psychiatrist regularly the sessions are different based on a person’s feeling, mood, outlook, and so on. This is the same with an energy clearing session. Each session is based on your spiritual needs, or what may be holding your back or…

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What is the Process?

First, we get permission by your soul/energy to perform a clearing. Then with the guidance of your Soul/energy I use a series charts and a pendulum to identify and pinpoint areas needing to be cleared. Through the session, Soul/energy will show us what needs to be healed, removed and aligned for you to be in tune resounding in the guidance…

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Why do I need a Clearing?

Everything in life needs care…your house…. your car and most importantly you! Think of yourself as a light bulb that is burning dimly because dust has accumulated and settled on the bulb. The dust has been there for so long that you’ve gotten used to the dimness and don’t remember how bright the light is when it is clean. Life…

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