There’s no catch.

Truth: You will still have big and small challenges from time to time, just like everybody. This is what we have all signed up for in agreeing to play a role, or be born, in this dimension in this life.

What I can guarantee is that you will find, as time goes on, that you will gradually respond more beautifully to your challenges, because you will have raised your vibration and grown on a soul level. Your blocks will be finally released, some of which you have been born with, and the challenges you face will no longer be perceived as “a really big deal” in your mind. You will flow smoother in life and be part of solutions, continue to learn and expand your life in more ways that you thought possible. The impossible will seem very possible again.

Infinite Source energy that connects us all as ONE.

Your Higher Self is an extension of your Self in a more advanced, incorporeal, or spiritual realm. Your Higher-Self is here to serve you to the highest good. It is you but a more open, freer you that comprehends an advanced notion of energy (of which everything is made of…). Your Higher-Self and your Consciousness are in relationship with your core heart and essence, as well as your relationship to the Consciousness of others, the Collective Consciousness (of Humanity, all Life forms, the “Force”, etc.,), the Natural World. This is a simplified explanation as it can become complicated.

Generally, when Clients are feeling heavy in their mind, anxious, generally unhappy, unfocused, have a cluttered mind or if they are preparing for an important meeting, dinner, event, or business opportunity they can predict and understand when a clearing may be in order. Essentially, you will be spiritually guided.

There is no need to do or know anything initially. Soul/energy does all the healing. As the channeling takes place the information comes through as your Soul reveals what it deems as important and wants to reveal. We can only remove what the soul is allowing to be released. As long as we have your soul’s permission, we can do the work.

Yes, we can because we are all energy; we are all connected. We connect to the soul energy. The human body is just a shell, a home to your soul. We help the soul change so the life of the human being changes. We go to the root of human through the soul.

Only you will know when you arrive at a place of feeling whole, happy and healthy, but it takes more than one session for you to feel aligned for the rest of your life. Life is a constant work in progress, it never ends. You will find places of joy that you did not even know existed. It is amazing to know it never ends, there is more joy, more happiness and more peace to find until the end.

Every person is different. Healing will happen, just never give up on yourself, keep going until you succeed, whatever it takes whichever methods that work for you never give up. When you give up you are giving up on yourself and life. You are both the problem, and the solution.

You will feel it! With time, you will experience it by living. You will feel better, happier, calmer, more optimistic, confident and more in tune with yourself.

Quantum physics, the science behind Spiritual Healing Therapy, can explain it all. There are many books and readings available online on the topic of the benefits of clearing our energy. People are Energy. We are Energy, the physical is just an illusion that can be changed. Everything can be shifted into something Positive.

A session takes about 45 minutes. The clearing is done when we receive an indication from source/spirit of a 100% complete reading on your energy. We are guided during the entire session on this reading.

After a clearing you will start to notice deep, inner changes. These changes manifest in all kinds of ways as the natural flow between your core essence, i.e. yourself and the outer world has been re-established. Now that the door to your energy has been opened your energy and soul blocks have been removed the healing and rebalancing continues for the next 2 – 3 days.

Your thoughts will be more positive and aligned with the life you want to lead. Everyday life will have more of a smooth, natural flow making it more joyful. Whatever healing or level of well-being you are seeking it will come as you align yourself to it. Within only 2-3 clearings, you should already start to see and feel a significant difference. Clients have seen key shifts occur in just one session, depending on what we are working on, their commitment to themselves, to making change happen and being focused at the time of the clearing.

Each session is unique as a person’s energy or spirituality is unique. Just as a person who sees a psychiatrist regularly the sessions are different based on a person’s feeling, mood, outlook, and so on. This is the same with an energy clearing session. Each session is based on your spiritual needs, or what may be holding your back or causing friction in your life, that are identified for us and prioritized by your soul/spirit.

During a clearing session it is normal to have several different thoughts running through your mind and experience sensations throughout your body; or if we are working on specific body parts, such as tingling, relief of pain or overall general relaxation. On the other end of the spectrum it is also normal if you don’t have much sensation; however, by end of the session you will always feel better with a clear mind and a sense of peace. Your experience depends on what you are doing while I’m conducting a clearing and how much you can focus and tune into the session. If you can relax and do nothing but be present and focus on the clearing the better the results. Clients have experienced feeling light-headedness or even a trance coming over them which is excellent.

Each person feels energy work differently so in the beginning you may find it hard to explain how you felt or the results. However, after a few sessions you will be able to explain to others what you felt during a session and recognize the positive results of an energy clearing/healing to yourself and others.
The most common description by clients is that they have felt more peaceful and relaxed with a “clearer” uncluttered, lighter mind like something has been removed. The simplest words that is used time and time again is that, “I felt so much better, or good, after my clearing.”

First, we get permission by your soul/energy to perform a clearing. Then with the guidance of your Soul/energy I use a series charts and a pendulum to identify and pinpoint areas needing to be cleared. Through the session, Soul/energy will show us what needs to be healed, removed and aligned for you to be in tune resounding in the guidance of your Higher Self. It is normal to work through several charts based on your unique spiritual needs. Your Soul/energy seeks to successfully serve you, so you become the true happy you.

After a clearing, you can better tune into your own internal guidance, start seeing life differently and new opportunities reveal themselves. You need a clear mind, when it comes to making important or long-standing decisions about your Life.

We also remove:

  • Negative belief systems,
  • Limitations of the mind,
  • Societal programming
  • Internal pains
  • Traumas accumulated in this and other lifetimes that are carried in the cellular and energetic memory of your body.

Everything in life needs care…your house…. your car and most importantly you! Think of yourself as a light bulb that is burning dimly because dust has accumulated and settled on the bulb. The dust has been there for so long that you’ve gotten used to the dimness and don’t remember how bright the light is when it is clean.

Life is harder than it could be for you because at some point you believed all the light bulbs get dirty and that’s the inevitable process of Life. This is when people get despondent with life, give up and give in feeling it’s all just too hard. However, this is 100% not true.

Think of accumulated negative energy the same as accumulated dust, dirt or stains that are not permanent and can be cleaned, or cleared. These discordant, or conflicting, energies have piled up and are unknowingly causing friction in your life. This buildup of energy needs to be cleared on a regular basis.

Through the Spiritual Healing Therapy Process, I help remove the dust, dirt or stains that have collected on an energy, or soul level, in this and/or other lifetimes so that for the first time, you can burn at optimal capacity with a bright and clear light. How “clean” you get depends on how committed and deep you are willing to go. However, no matter the level of cleaning your commitment to life becomes easier and better, because you are more in tune with your Higher Self. You will love yourself more, life will noticeably flow easier, and things will start to align. You will feel more confident as you will be equipped with the awareness that you could always burn brightly and that you always had it in you to be the brighter bulb you’ve always wanted to be.