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All the Different Modalities, We will use for your Healing

  • SRT , Spiritual Response Therapy®
  • SpR , Spiritual Restructuring®
  • Theta DNA®
  • Live The Impossible©
  • Redivining The Matrix ®
  • Certified Life coach with Relationship Reinvented® and Root Camp certified.
  • IDU, Integrating Divine Union©.
  • GCT, Galactic Consciousness©.
  • QST, Quantum Speed Therapy©.
  • LIT, Love Incubating Therapy©.
  • CFT, Core Foundations Therapy©.
  • ART, Abdication Release Therapy©.
  • Others: Chart of Bovis, Bode code Emotions…
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Spiritual Healing Therapy uses different modalities to help you heal the Full Spectrum of your Being.

2011, Where it all begins...

Healing the Soul

SRT ( Spiritual Response Therapy®)

This technique is the study and practice of channeling energy using a pendulum. In 1985, Reverend Robert Detzler, a Shamanic healer, was introduced to this modality. He embraced, researched and expanded upon this field for thousands of people all over the world to utilize in their healing practices. SRT practitioners have helped millions of people experience positive changes in abundance, relationships, health and all aspects of their clients lives.

Astonishing results have been achieved in health-related areas, as helping with Cancer, Tumors, Allergies, Asthma, Migraines, back pain etc..

Emotional and life difficulties have been overcome using SRT.
    • Challenging relationships to prosperity.
    • Unfounded fears.
    • Phobias
    • Depression
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SRT students and practitioners reside in 34 countries. Argentina, Aruba, Austria, Belarus, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, North Antilles, Norway, Panama, Poland, Puerto Rico, Slovak, South Africa, Spain, Surinam, Sweden, Taiwan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela.


This method allows us to heal your Being, or Soul, on the Deepest level.

Then, I learn ...

Direct Healing on the Body

SpR ( Spiritual Restructuring®)

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Spiritual Restructuring Therapy complements Spiritual Response Therapy as charts are used to target areas on the physical body. Such areas include muscles, organs, and homo-toxicology.


“Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) corrects imbalances of the body and establishes greater health. SpR can test and correct muscle imbalances and allows the bones, tissues, glands, and organs to return to their proper positions. It can release stressful body memories from past lives, including psychic wounds and programs that are held in the body.”


Homotoxicology is the study that illness is defined as an overload of the environment in which tissues and cells live and communicate (connective tissue matrix) with toxic substances (homotoxins). Toxic substances are seen to disrupt normal biological functions which results in the manifestation of symptoms and signs, and ultimately disease. The cure is to the removal of toxins to regain the body’s natural regulation.

We remove blocks directly linked to physical ailments in the body including toxins.

During this healing we:

  • Test and correct muscles and other imbalances recognized in the body.
  • Identify nutritional guidelines.
  • Use specific techniques to reduce emotional stress

This method allows us to heal the phsyical aspects.

Then, I learn ...

Healing Meditation

Theta DNA®

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The Theta Healing technique is a meditation technique. It is a training method for your mind, body, and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing sound virtues in all that we do.

Theta Healing is a technique that enables you to effectively deal with physical and emotional issues that are occurring or have occurred in your life. Through Theta Healing you clear the veil between the conscious and unconscious self. You allow yourself to bring a higher quality of life in which you align your thoughts and desires with your experience of life. Theta Healing affects the health and vitality of the mind, body, spirit and can have amazing results in the people and things in your life not just yourself.

Through meditation, the Theta Healing Technique provides you with the tools to create the positive lifestyle you want.


Please note: I use this technique when spirit guides us with it,  I did not pursuit this methods, therefore I did not certified in this one modality.

This method allows us to go into a Theta state to bring the change.

Then, I learn ...

Heal All Possibilities

Live the Impossible®

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Live the Impossible is a book which sprung a series of 3  powerful charts, created by Rev. Pam Murray. These charts allow us to clear and remove energy, mental blocks, curses and so on that have been passed on through your bloodline, or have been Spiritually Inherited by no fault of your own. This clearing allows you to create clear space and expand in order for you to be able reach the next level of ascension. These particular charts have been designed to allow a person to go beyond oneself.

This method allows us to heal what feels impossible, bring in Possibilities.

Then, I learn to help you heal with Trauma and Soul Trauma...

Focus on Healing Trauma/Abuse

Redivining The Matrix®

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This is a very powerful, new modality expounded by Karen Kent, a gifted Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) teacher. For the past 20 years, Karen, has channeled from Source Spirit, a series of remarkably effective charts that are used when restoring PsychoSpiritual and PsychoSexual Well-Being.

Redivining the Matrix works on your main portal of consciousness through which your senses have created your perceptions of the world. Through this method deep traumatic experiences and events are removed allowing you to step away from the victim mode, or feeling like a victim, and become the true you are meant to be.

This Therapy successfully removes obvious or hidden blocks, or obstructions, in people’s lives such as:

  • Blocks of self-expression – physical, sexual, emotional.
  • Hurdles in businesses.
  • Challenges in relationships.
  • Difficulties in feeling intimate with a partner.
  • Feelings of dis-connectivity with Source/Spirit and oneself.

It is also used to:

  • Heal and remove consciously and unconsciously held trauma.
  • Create protective boundaries.
  • Restore the Kundalini.

This method allows us to heal the trauma, the abuse and Liberate the Self.

Then, I learn to be a Coach for Relationship and TF...

To Go to the Root

Certified Life Coach in Relationship Reinvented® and Root Camp Certified.

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I am certified as a Life Coach in Relationship Reinvented and Root Camp specializing in Twin Flame relationships. A Twin Flame relationship very unique as it occurs on a deep, spiritual level. This is something I have experienced in my life and feel deeply passionate about.

I chose to certify with Lee and Sherry Patterson as they are Twin Flames to one another and have built an internationally known coaching business focusing on relationships and spiritual coaching.

This coaching is for people who have reached the point that they desire significant positive changes in their life in areas of marriage, relationships, finances, career or spirituality and are willing to commit and take on the responsibility for implementing the necessary changes. If you are ready to go deep and raw, this super powerful coaching this is for you. We explore and heal relationships, careers, and bring back sense of peace and happiness. Combined with clearing this is really taking you to the next level!

This method allows us to heal and go to the Roots.

Then, I learn to Channel and made NEW charts and new Modalities..

New charts was born...

Channeling Spirit/Source

a NEW Modalities was born..

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Healing Connections

IDU (Integrating Divine Union)

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This Modality is unique and designed to help you heal your connection within or with others, especially relationships like TF.

A series of 39 charts and its master charts, all designed to help you heal and reconnect to the Self, restoring a connection to the divine.

Created in mind for healing the TF journey.

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Then With the help of M. Hanford, NEW MODALITY was born.

Light Languages Activitation

GCT (Galactic Consciouness Therapy)

Created with the Collaboration of M. Hanford

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  • This modality is all about the Activation for more, the readiness of more, reaching the power within. As we are powerful being, as we are growing and we are able to reach for more within us, GCT helps unleashed it!


  • Its a series of Charts using “Light Languages Activation”, allowing more to bring connection elevation and power.
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Then to Integrate healings, an Another NEW MODALITY was born.

Light Languages Activitation to Intergrate Healings

QST (Quantum Speed Therapy)

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  • This modality is all about the activation of all the different healing we do, to really intergrate the healing and begin to see results!


  • Its a series of 4 Charts with its Master (5 total) using “Light Languages Activation”, allowing more to shift and integrate healing.


  • It’s a great add-on to any of your modalities.

Then an Another NEW MODALITY was born.

Crystal and Stones Healing

LIT (Love Incubating Therapy)

With the Collaboration of D.Riley

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  • This modality is all about soothing incubating energy to help you heal places of your being unknown. This healing is an on going healing, its applied more than once energetically.


  • With the power of earth energy we able to anchor healing deep down into this body and reality


  • This is to help you heal and feel the love.