What to expect during a Clearing?

Each session is unique as a person’s energy or spirituality is unique. Just as a person who sees a psychiatrist regularly the sessions are different based on a person’s feeling, mood, outlook, and so on. This is the same with an energy clearing session. Each session is based on your spiritual needs, or what may be holding your back or causing friction in your life, that are identified for us and prioritized by your soul/spirit.

During a clearing session it is normal to have several different thoughts running through your mind and experience sensations throughout your body; or if we are working on specific body parts, such as tingling, relief of pain or overall general relaxation. On the other end of the spectrum it is also normal if you don’t have much sensation; however, by end of the session you will always feel better with a clear mind and a sense of peace. Your experience depends on what you are doing while I’m conducting a clearing and how much you can focus and tune into the session. If you can relax and do nothing but be present and focus on the clearing the better the results. Clients have experienced feeling light-headedness or even a trance coming over them which is excellent.

Each person feels energy work differently so in the beginning you may find it hard to explain how you felt or the results. However, after a few sessions you will be able to explain to others what you felt during a session and recognize the positive results of an energy clearing/healing to yourself and others.
The most common description by clients is that they have felt more peaceful and relaxed with a “clearer” uncluttered, lighter mind like something has been removed. The simplest words that is used time and time again is that, “I felt so much better, or good, after my clearing.”

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