Why do I need a Clearing?

Everything in life needs care…your house…. your car and most importantly you! Think of yourself as a light bulb that is burning dimly because dust has accumulated and settled on the bulb. The dust has been there for so long that you’ve gotten used to the dimness and don’t remember how bright the light is when it is clean.

Life is harder than it could be for you because at some point you believed all the light bulbs get dirty and that’s the inevitable process of Life. This is when people get despondent with life, give up and give in feeling it’s all just too hard. However, this is 100% not true.

Think of accumulated negative energy the same as accumulated dust, dirt or stains that are not permanent and can be cleaned, or cleared. These discordant, or conflicting, energies have piled up and are unknowingly causing friction in your life. This buildup of energy needs to be cleared on a regular basis.

Through the Spiritual Healing Therapy Process, I help remove the dust, dirt or stains that have collected on an energy, or soul level, in this and/or other lifetimes so that for the first time, you can burn at optimal capacity with a bright and clear light. How “clean” you get depends on how committed and deep you are willing to go. However, no matter the level of cleaning your commitment to life becomes easier and better, because you are more in tune with your Higher Self. You will love yourself more, life will noticeably flow easier, and things will start to align. You will feel more confident as you will be equipped with the awareness that you could always burn brightly and that you always had it in you to be the brighter bulb you’ve always wanted to be.

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