What is the Process?

First, we get permission by your soul/energy to perform a clearing. Then with the guidance of your Soul/energy I use a series charts and a pendulum to identify and pinpoint areas needing to be cleared. Through the session, Soul/energy will show us what needs to be healed, removed and aligned for you to be in tune resounding in the guidance of your Higher Self. It is normal to work through several charts based on your unique spiritual needs. Your Soul/energy seeks to successfully serve you, so you become the true happy you.

After a clearing, you can better tune into your own internal guidance, start seeing life differently and new opportunities reveal themselves. You need a clear mind, when it comes to making important or long-standing decisions about your Life.

We also remove:

  • Negative belief systems,
  • Limitations of the mind,
  • Societal programming
  • Internal pains
  • Traumas accumulated in this and other lifetimes that are carried in the cellular and energetic memory of your body.

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