What to expect after a Clearing?

After a clearing you will start to notice deep, inner changes. These changes manifest in all kinds of ways as the natural flow between your core essence, i.e. yourself and the outer world has been re-established. Now that the door to your energy has been opened your energy and soul blocks have been removed the healing and rebalancing continues for the next 2 – 3 days.

Your thoughts will be more positive and aligned with the life you want to lead. Everyday life will have more of a smooth, natural flow making it more joyful. Whatever healing or level of well-being you are seeking it will come as you align yourself to it. Within only 2-3 clearings, you should already start to see and feel a significant difference. Clients have seen key shifts occur in just one session, depending on what we are working on, their commitment to themselves, to making change happen and being focused at the time of the clearing.

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