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Alexandra Dobigies

Restore your original well-being and feel empowered. Remember, everything in this world is energy and vibrates at its own frequency – people, plants, and objects. Each person has a ‘root energy’, or origin, to all problems that we clear which restores the smooth flow of energy.

Start your Clearing now

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Start your Clearing now
Spiritual Healing Therapy

Spiritual Healing Therapy (SHT) energetically clears the root of deep-seated obstructions from this life or past lives using renown and powerful healing modalities such as SRT, Re-divining the Matrix®, Live the Impossible, Theta DNA, Life coaching and many more. 

How is the Clearing or Healing done?

I channel healing energy by means of many different modalities and distinctive charts along with using a crystal pendulum for accuracy and performance.

Whether your intention for receiving healing is for:


✓ Feeling healthy or wanting an overall re-alignment or re-connection with yourself.
✓ Discovering happiness and love.
✓ Finding abundance and wanting a change of life.
✓ Achieving more business and financial success.
✓ Helping you find your true, clear self.


  • I m on maternity leave, I ‘ll be back shortly in 2020, please see under services a recommended list of healers.

                 Thank you for your kind understanding.