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Lotte says:

5 out of 5

I have tried a lot of different healers and healing.
Alexandra is the only one who actually worked for me.
My anxiety has been heavily reduced and what I believed to be asthma has disappeared.
She is nice, down to earth and cares about her clients.
Alexandra is worth every penny.




Mark Riesenberg, Business Consultant says:

Every time, and I mean every time, I have a session with Alex a powerful space is created that flows into my day, week, month…the space is a place of high energy and high consciousness that I can feel with my heart and in my interaction with my world. I have recommended Alex to several of my friends and they felt this shift as well. I highly recommend this unique and wonderful experience.






Matthew Hensman says:

I’ve always been a man of logic and reason,  trapped in a world that hardly uses either. 😉  My study of philosophy has made me understand that the only people who are wise, are the ones who understand that they don’t know everything. So when I first discovered the avenue for which Alex uses to bring healing and prosperity, I was completely open minded and eager to have that experience.

First, I just want to say that Alex was not only professional but very caring and kind, which I think every great healer possesses. I found the entire process a comfort for the soul, it was extremely peaceful and afterwards felt a strong sense of harmony with the universe. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone that is interested in Spiritual Healing Therapy, she has a way of making you feel like she’s a long lost friend.

Peace Love & Blessings



John Martin says:

from what alexandra spiritual healing did for me was opened my eyes to the spirit of self.






Denise Recalde says:

Serendipity brought me and Alexandra together initially and I thank my lucky stars for that! I was emotionally devastated over a bad breakup and I was also dealing with an illness, but Alexandra and her healing touch helped me get back on my feet again. I felt calmer throughout the session — as if a load was taken off my shoulders — and I was able to learn things about myself through Alexandra that were instrumental in getting my life on track again. I cannot recommend her services enough! She is a wonderful human being who is also not afraid to tell you things straight — exactly what I needed in my life.







Caroline says:

L’écoute et la présence lumineuse, bienveillante d’Alexandra m’ont permise de me reconnecter … avec son aide et sa pratique, son talent , j’ai pu me libérer, me dépasser , transcender des blocages, des peurs récurrentes qui me paralysaient. Retrouver confiance en qui JE SUIS vraiment !!!
C’est une très belle rencontre?
Et nous le savons, il n’y a pas de hasard!!! ?
MERCI ☀️☀️☀️




Valerie Lynn says:

The universe brought Alex into my life when I needed her and I’ve been grateful ever since. From my first clearing with Alex I’ve been able to dig down into the layers of my life and align myself with my true intentions. Her guidance and knowledge has kept me honest to myself and I’ve consistently moved forward in areas of my life that I’ve focused and worked on with her. Each session with Alex was upon and I’ve never felt better in years. A reading with Alex is straight and to the point. I’ve never gotten so much out of a reading with anyone else. She truly wants to help people help themselves to overcome blocks, negative thoughts, fears, challenges and so on.  She has a unique way of explaining present situations so anyone can easily understand where she’s coming from – then it’s up to us to take her advice, be thankful and overcome and move forward. Thank you universe for Alexandra!! 🙂





Anthony Mendoza says:

De nature cartésienne, j’ai d’abord naturellement était sceptique. Mais très rapidement j’ai compris qu’ Alexandra faisait partie de ces personnes qu’on a toujours voulu rencontrer dans sa vie.
Lors de nos échanges téléphonique (je suis en France), elle s’est évidemment occupé de “nettoyer” mes énergies pour ne garder que les vibrations positives (utilisation du pendule oblige). Mais au-delà de ça, elle m’a aidée à mieux distinguer la réalité et à prendre plus de recul sur celle-ci.
C’est en effet, après quelques séances que j’ai pu constater un “avant” et un “après”. Force est de constater que les choses se passent mieux, que les gens que je rencontre sont plus …en adéquation immédiate avec moi et que j’évolue plus facilement (et surtout simplement).
Merci beaucoup Alexandra et rendez-vous pour une prochaine séance aux USA !!




Sarabi Berti says:

Alex is a shining light of generosity, skill, and care. I am grateful for her assistance, kindness, and powers of attention and healing. Her ability to tap in and offer clearing is viscerally evident, as is her commitment to assisting others in authentic search for health, happiness and harmony. She serves the Planet and all Beings.




Sang Kim says:

Spiritual Clearing has been an amazing experience for me. It helped me in so many ways especially my spiritual growth and understanding of myself and my higher self. It helped me shift from a lower vibration to a higher vibration every time I happen to get dis-aligned with spirit.
Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually all the Clearings Helped me So Much!!

Thank You Alexandra for all your help and guidance and healing!!!




Britni Agnew says:

Alexandra cleared me till my cancer was gone. I dont know where I will be without Spiritual Healing Therapy. Doctors had given up on me pretty much send me home to die after fighting cancer 7 years. now Im free and in love.




Mona Lidji Fishman says:

I find great comfort in dealing with Alexandra. Her connection to the Universe is very real. Anyone seeking answers can stop their search right here!

I love Alexandra and look forward to her clearings 🙂



Christine Deregnaucourt says:

Alexandra helps me a lot every time I don’t feel good. She helps me find answers to my questions. Her availability and effects are indescribable. As soon as I have a hard time to deal with certain stress in my life, I contact her and she brings me the support I need to find myself back in a good place again. She helps me feel better with her clearing and helps me unlock my inner strength.




Leah Shelley says:

I hurt my ankle/foot while weightlifting. It wasn’t healing so I asked Alex for a clearing. After being cleared, I felt amazing! I was able to start working out again the next day.




Rita Abouelseoud says:

Alexandra is so sweet! Very professional and patient. I am very blessed having her in my life. After a few sessions with her…my inner awareness has elevated a great deal. I feel very comfortable talking with her and any
unpleasant feelings just “vanish”.

Thank-you my friend…




Timothy Warren Bisbee says:

wasnt into this at first but things started to happen to me so a friend who knows Alex told me to look into it and I did and I’m sold! My life has been better been happier than ever….

Oh yeah i love it with my heart!



Melissa Agnew says:

Alex you are great. You make this world a better place.




Genevieve Daniel says:

I have always been apprehensive on the phone but talking to Alexandra made me feel so comfortable.
We connected very well and I felt as if I was reuniting with an old friend. During the clearing I gradually felt more and more calm and by the end of our session it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

So many good things have happened after the session I cannot thank her enough. Her passion to help others really shows through her work.



Marion Degrave says:

Calm moments on the phone with Alexandra, without really understanding the whole manipulation of her     pendulum and with her colorful voices it brings me a clear mind. A session, a debrief brings you down into a calm state a rest of the mind repairing and bringing you back into living the present moment in a stable manner.

My thoughts were harmonized and cleared, my upset stomach were gone. This mystery of life brought me the happiness of being alive!

With time we learn to accept help from others.






Angel Rosario says:

I always considered myself a huge procrastinator. Always putting things off to the last minute. Unfortunately, this started to affect my life. At one point I had a hundred things to do but didn’t know where to start. A close friend suggested I speak to someone. However, I wasn’t interested in someone to help me organize my life.
Surprisingly, it was nothing like that. After speaking with Alexandra for some time,
I definitely felt not only more focused but over-all had a better clarity of my personal being. I don’t believe in unicorns or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I highly recommend Spiritual Healing Therapy.





Kristel says:

I am a person who did not have much self-confidence and do not know how to manage his emotions and was taking antidepressants. I talked about my situation to a friend who suggested me to get help by talking with someone who could help me. I was skeptical and did not really know what to think. So I agree and since I made the switch I’m fine, I put my life in order and I no longer need these medications which I thought to help me but contrary merely to stand by me.
In any case, dear madam still a big thank you for your help and advice.




Robbie Cornelius says:

Today I connected with a great person that gave my mind, body and soul the most amazing sense of peace and tranquility, that person was Alexandra. You are truly an amazing gift to this wonderful world we live in.  I can’t      explain in words how powerful our connection was today, all I know is that you are the truth. The way my higher self connected with your higher self was magical and I look forward to more sessions. I have the greatest respect for your work and you heart

Thank you. Peace.




Jon Locke says:

As a maze is, so is the passages of our thoughts. Confusion from long tiring roads or simple short dead ends only has us constantly making multiple U-turns and coming to a screeching halt. Which in turn, only leave us exhausted day and night. Alex has helped me over-come that fog that drifts in on our minds during the least expected moments.

Alex has not only harnessed many wonderful powers through her knowledge , but she is wise beyond her years in understanding exactly “what is what”. If it was not for the guidance that I’ve received from Alexandra, then my existence and understanding of my “higher self” and my true mission would most likely still be hidden from me and most likely harder to reach.

I Thank Alexandra for all of her assistance and will continue to recommend her to so many that could use her help. Alex is a selfless servant in a very real scenario of truth and understanding. She brings a unique outlook not found in many places. This outlook allows her the ability to stretch and reach outside the box to help in not just a healing therapeutic way but also as an example of how others in her field should conduct themselves…





Kit Jors says:

My experience with Alexandra while a short one was a helpful one. Another light worker referred me to her. Shaun my   friend is a gifted light worker himself and he said that Alexandra had helped him do some soul      clearing work and he thought she could help me too. Well I had hang-ups to be honest with doing this because I am not in a position to pay for this help and I am not one to rely on others or feel I own them something so I resisted contacting her. So Alexandra, on Shaun’s asking, instant messaged me on Facebook and gave me a     clearing.
I admit I didn’t really even understand it at the time, but I believe the gift she gave me helped to break open     spiritual blocks in my quest to meet my higher self, to understand the ascension process, and even to greet my personal spirit guide for the first time in my life. Alex told me that even if I didn’t understand what she had done to clear the path for me I believe that she somehow did what she said. I didn’t believe it a first but since then my spiritual path is getting better and better now. So thank you Alex for your kindness and maybe even if I can not pay you in dollars and cents I can encourage others to help you in your quest to make your living with your gifts and your hearts passion as a light worker.

I wish much love your way and much success.

-Kit Jors


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