Kit Jors

My experience with Alexandra while a short one was a helpful one. Another light worker referred me to her. Shaun my friend is a gifted light worker himself and he said that Alexandra had helped him do some soul clearing work and he thought she could help me too. Well I had hang-ups to be honest with doing this because I am not in a position to pay for this help and I am not one to rely on others or feel I own them something so I resisted contacting her. So Alexandra, on Shaun’s asking, instant messaged me on Facebook and gave me a clearing.

I admit I didn’t really even understand it at the time, but I believe the gift she gave me helped to break open spiritual blocks in my quest to meet my higher self, to understand the ascension process, and even to greet my personal spirit guide for the first time in my life. Alex told me that even if I didn’t understand what she had done to clear the path for me I believe that she somehow did what she said. I didn’t believe it a first but since then my spiritual path is getting better and better now. So thank you Alex for your kindness and maybe even if I can not pay you in dollars and cents I can encourage others to help you in your quest to make your living with your gifts and your hearts passion as a light worker.

I wish much love your way and much success.
-Kit Jors